Capital Program

Capital outlay programs are complicated beasts. When funding comes available, organizations often find themselves overwhelmed by
the depth and complexity of
it all. CPM exists to help you
plan right from the beginning. We simplify the process and ensure your ability to see it through to successful completion.

  • Hillsborough City School District: Crocker Middle School :: Delivered utilizing the Lease-Leaseback method, this project was completed on schedule, under budget and was given the Award of Excellence for Design from C.A.S.H.
  • California State Lottery: New Headquarters Facility :: This facility came in under budget by 2.75 million, was able to occupy three months ahead of schedule, and was awarded a Gold Certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).
  • Long Beach Unified School District :: A $75.5 million state-of-the-art facility, Ernest S. McBride Sr. High School had its grand opening on July 9, 2013. An example of just one of CPM's most recent successfully completed projects with the Long Beach Unified School District.
  • Bonita Unified School District: San Dimas High School :: Delivered utilizing the Lease-Leaseback method, enabled the Owner, CPM, Architect and Contractor to collaborate throughout the design and construction process which resulted in cost savings significant enough to deliver a quarter million dollars of additional scope.
  • Vacaville Unified School District :: Completed in 22 months, from start of conceptual design to close-out and turnover, the Fairmont Charter Elementary School project  finished on schedule and under budget and was awarded a Silver Certification for Leadership and Environmental Design (LEED).
  • Hillsborough City School District: South Elementary School :: Completed on schedule, under budget and sited on a compact campus, we were able to capture and repurpose space that was not well utilized.
  • Vacaville Unified School District :: CPM has a great track record of determining cost effective strategies to reduce exposure to risk during construction through the proper selection and use of the right delivery method for each project, such as Lease-Leaseback and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).
  • Marshall Medical Center: New Acute Care Wing :: CPM provided Marshall Medical Center with planning and owner's representation services for the design and construction of the new Acute Care Wing.
  • Vacaville Unified School District :: CPM has been an advocate and strong supoporter of community relations and outreach activites in nearly every project in which we have been involved.